Insalate di Rape Rosse e Caprino  $11


 mesclun salad, roasted red beets, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette


Insalata di Spinaci    $10


 baby spinach, pears, toasted pumpkin seeds, carrots, gorgonzola, lemon vinaigrette


Insalata di Arugula   $13                                                   


 arugula salad, cherry tomatoes, shaved parmigiano, red wine vinaigrette


Insalata di Cesare   $11


 chopped romaine heart, croutons, parmigiano cheese, housemade dressing






Zuppa del Giorno $8

 soup of the day




Polpette d’Agnello  $10

lamb meat balls, cauliflower sesame cream


Polpette di Bue  $10

wood oven baked beef meat balls, tomato sauce


Crochette di Patate   $6

potato croquettes


Prosciutto Balls   $8

proscitto cotto, ricotta, mozzarella chesse fritters


Suppli   $10

rice fritters of the day




Bufala e Pomodoro   $15  

bufala mozzarella, vine ripened tomatoes


Burrata e Prosciutto $18 

burratta, proscitto, arugla, olive oil


Bacala Fritto $13

cod fritters with lemon pesto


Carpaccio di Polipo   $14   

thinly sliced octopus carpaccio with sofrito of sautéed zucchini, onion, black olive and white wine


Cozze al Forno  $13

mussels, garlic, wine, baked in wood burning oven


Cozze, Vongole e Gamberi   $20  

mussels, clams, shrimp, garlic, wine, baked in wood burning oven


Fritto Misto  $18   

fried calamari and shrimp, spicy tomato sauce



Vongole, Salsiccia e Patate  $12

sautéed clams, sausage, potatoes, white wine


Baked Clams

½ dozen 9     dozen 16


Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail   $15





Salmone Atlantico  $24

 pan roasted atlantic salmon served with lentil couscous


Galletto al Mattone   $22

 grilled baby chicken seasoned with lemon, garlic, rosemary with polenta


Braised Short Ribs  $23

 porcini, red wine braised short ribs served with gorgonzola whipped potatoes


Braciola di Maile   $20

 stuffed pork shoulder (spinach, fontina cheese, raisin) braised in tomato sauce with housemade ricotta gnocchi


Grilled Lamb Chops  $29

 solmoriglio sauce, eggplant caponatina farro salad


Giambotta (for one or two) $28/45

a trio of grilled NY Sirloin, chicken and pork sausage in a vegetable medley of potatoes, green peppers, onion white wine


Vittello Saltimbocca  $24

 veal scaloppini sage, proscitto, fontina chesse with sauteed broccolli and potato croquette


20oz NY Sirloin Steak  $38                                             

 grilled, roasted potatoes, cauliflower


12oz NY Sirloin Steak $28

grilled fries and spicy mayonnaise



contorni: sautéed spinach 7 ; sautéed broccoli 7 ; whipped potatoes 6 ; roasted potatoes 6 ; sautéed mushrooms 8; cauliflower 7





Bucatini Amatriciana  $17

 shallots, guanciale, pecorino, tomato sauce


Cavatelli al Sugo di Cinghiale  $18

 housemade with wild boar ragú


Garganelli all’Anatra   $18

 roasted duck ragú, truffle oil and mascarpone cheese


Paccheri  $17

eggplant, fresh plum tomato, shaved ricotta salata


Gnocchi  $19

 housemade spinach gnocchi, walnut-gorgonzola cheese sauce


Spaghetti Vongole  $20

 classic clams, white wine, garlic and extra virgin olive oil


Capellini con Seppia  $19

 cuttlefish, shrimp, cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce


Taglitelle al Nero di Seppia   $24

 housemade squid ink pasta with scallops, crabmeat, arugula, black olives, cherry tomatoes, white wine sauce